Mischief Of One Kind And Another

by Fashoda Crisis

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released January 4, 2009

All words and noises by Fashoda Crisis. 2009.



all rights reserved


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Fashoda Crisis Southend On Sea

At all times Fashoda Crisis play from the bottom of their twisted, blackened tumourous little hearts. They spew forth vitriol and acerbic wit in equal measures, melding political rhetoric and social commentary with opaquely personal lyrics. Intelligent, violent, passionate, honest, spleen-rupturingly humourous (and modest, let’s not forget modest) genre mangling mentalists. ... more

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Track Name: What God Meant To Say
I've got the bones/of the Elephant Man/In a sack and I'm Keeping them back

They tape all our calls in Hotel rooms/they mic up the walls in hotel rooms/we grease up our balls in hotel rooms/the lines and the lies our minds we erase/the guilt and the shame jesus christ the disgrace

I'm sorry sir but you'll have to leave/you're scaring me and you're making a scene/I'm sorry sir but you'll have to leave/ain't no room in the industry

It's not home taping/It's not downloading/It's not bootlegging our filesharing/

We are the ones killing your music and we're proud of it
Track Name: Moremonkeythanmanman
I've got Hanif Kureishi's writing room in my head/ I've got Sir Salman Rushdie hiding out under my bed/I've got nothing to lose except a yeast infection/ I've got nothing to prove except a moral direction

They said the pen was mightier than the sword/ They said the pen was mightier/

It was a fucking lie/I've got the scars to prove it/It was a fucking lie/I almost lost an eye

This is cock of the poppiest kind/Cock/ Cock/ This is cock of the poppiest kind/ I've got nothing to lose except a certain sensation/I've got nothing to prove except a pupil dilation

They said the pen was mightier than the sword/ They said the pen was mightier

It was a fucking lie/ I've got the scars to prove it/ It was a fucking lie/ I almost lost an eye

You're more monkey than man you're more
Track Name: If Charlie Simpson Ruled The World
With the death of a midget/on our conscience/we found religion/in tabloid hysteria/oh the horror/the horror/the horror of

A nation Gaunt-Lite/An army of gormless screaming/bring back the gallows

One hundred thousand morons can be wrong/ One hundred thousand morons

A nation Gaunt-Lite/An army of gormless screaming bring back the gallows/ One hundred thousand is not a referendum/Bring back the gallows
Track Name: Land Of The S.O.P
If his face is brown/It's Guantanamo/ If he wears a backpack/It's Guantanamo/Unless he has a St. George cross tattooed on his sloping forehead then you know where he belong/

It's Guantanamo.

Welcome to the land of the free/And the home of the indefinite incarcerate/ If the effete left don't know which side they're buttered it's only because we know where they belong/

It's Guantanamo

We don't need a trial/A trial is for evidence/And we don't have the time/ When everyone's a terrorist

Tell me when Lord/I've got my finger on the button

If his face is brown/If he wears a backpack/If he's running for a train/If he's read the qu'ran/ If you cannot see her face/Of indeterminate race/And some other words I wrote/If you need to rig a vote

They're all terrorists

Track Name: Fidel
It's just so cold/it's just so cold/Oh my God can't you see you can't say that it's blasphemy/God is straight God is White God is with our military/Save yourself. Brace yourself brace yourself/I got these teeth on the national health/


It's just so cold/it's just so cold/We'll cut your hair and sanction thee/your heathen hordes and peasantry/erase yourself/brace yourself brace yourself I got these teeth on the national health/


Brace yourself

The C.I.A just sit at home

Track Name: Martin Luther King Zombie
Sirhan Sirhan/ Your mind's not your own/Sirhan Sirhan/ But whose is?/Sirhan Sirhan/The voices/Sirhan Sirhan/ They tell you good things

Sirhan Sirhan/ It's worth a shot/ Sirhan Sirhan/ To the temple/ Sirhan Sirhan/ Of a celebrity/ Sirhan Sirhan/ Oh no it's happening again

Oh no it's happening again/The bad thing

The good thing/the good thing/the good thing/ the good thing/ Oh no it's bad thing

And now it's happening again/ The bad thing

Bobby K
Track Name: Like A Normal Person
It's in pieces at my feet and I can't quite recollect how it came to be that way but if had to hazard a guess I'd say it was bigger boys what done it and they ran away/Or maybe it was one of those black fellas, you know I saw two or three of those black fellas hanging around before the event looking mighty shifty/ Four or five of those black fellas, like one of those street gangs you read about in the newspapers, I remember clearly now/ There were ten of them, ten of these great big black fellas and they was all armed to their shiny teeth

Okay I can confess it was four white guys, four funny looking white guys, two of them with identical features crammed on to their tiny faces/ And they was all dressed the same, in some kind of uniform, a cut price army all desperately trying to be something they're not and they was drinking something unfamiliar

They say I'm an unreliable witness/ and I reply

I've got diseases of the mind
Track Name: 100 Years Of Cake - Acoustic
Grab your tabloid headline generator/I've got a stone cold scoop/There's a radioactive paedophile/We have lost the news

Libel as a lifestyle choice

We have a duty to drip feed paranoia into their gaping maw/If we insinuate that they're Al Qaeda we can rebuild the wall

Change of narrative voice

Diseased and alone/I cramped their bodies in a suitcase/A decent Christian burial/ Was deemed inappropriate

Hey Hey Judas I you got a raw deal/I'm taking Christian rhetoric to it's logical conclusion/Betrayal theological necessity/ Damnation as reward

Jesus saves/ by order of the committee
Track Name: Machiiine
Iago I got this apathy/this mental atrophy/this sense of entropy/of all things in decline/pass me my medicine

Iago your twisted dignity/your stoic enmity/your lack of decency/this things appeal to me/and now you're one of mine

You know what you know I will not speak another word

The meat the greet the shake the seat/ the shake the seat the self deceit/the line the sign the countersign/the line the sign the countersign/the cock the mouth/the cock the mouth/the cock the mouth/the cock the mouth/the product the product the product the product/

The unit/The Eunuch
Track Name: With My Good Eye
I took my scuba lessons down at the Saltdean lido/Because it's reasonably priced/ If I'd have known it was my ticket to a Kafka nightmare then I'd have probably thought twice

I couldn't understand how the qualities of an ordinary man/Could be seen as damning evidence of guilt

Bedsit Prophet

Bagged and tagged with my head in a rag in the Bagram holiday camp/ Shaved and caged with the king of deprave and my pen pal rage

Bedsit Prophet

With the benefit of hindsight/ I count the cold cold circles/ of his thumbprint

With my good eye